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YK系列大型三相鼠笼型高速异步电动机的工作环境温度不超过+40℃,海拔不超过1000米, 相对湿度不超过95%,绝缘等级为F级,当作B级使用。 电机允许温升为80℃,在离电机一米远的地方测量噪声声压级不超过90分贝。

YK  series large-size three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor are suited to drive machinery equipment,just as water pump,blower etc.

This series motor is suitable for operation in the enbironment where ambient temperature is not more than +40,elevation and ralative humidity are separately not more than 1000m and 95%Insulating class is F class and used as B. Allowable temperature rise is 80. The noise is lower 90 db testing one meter far away from the motor. This series motor have two drive-ends,you can use any one of them to drive the equipment.

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